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How To Import Templates Into Great Decisions

Great Decisions Training: To use Great Decisions Software to it's full extent, you will want to come up with all the variables of each decision you will make. This may require some research unless you are clear what variables are already most important to you.For example, let's say you are interested in purchasing an adjustable desk. You will want to list all the variables or a [...]

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Great Decisions Software Training

Force Field Analysis Tool Great Decisions Software Training: In this video I will show you how to use the Force Field Analysis or Pro's and Con's Tool. You will find this tool is excellent when you are thinking through decisions that have a lot of variables.This is a decision making technique w. Fortunately, you can now have it at your fingertips using your as made popular [...]

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Decision Making Case Study #1 – Complex Decisions

Sorting out complex decisions can be very rewarding and educational. Recently I was working with a client in my executive coaching practice. He was struggling between two job possibilities: the current temporary position that could possibly turn into a full time position or a longer term position with another company. On the surface this may seem very basic but it is actually a [...]

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